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Qualifying begins: 20 June

The Draw: 24 June

Pre-event Press Conferences: 25 & 26 June

Order of Play: 26 June

Championships begin: 27 June

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UK Ballot for The Championships 2017

About the Ballot

The Public Ballot, introduced in 1924, has always been substantially oversubscribed. Entry does not automatically entitle applicants to tickets for Wimbledon, but to a place in the draw for tickets. It is not possible to request tickets for specific days or courts, as the day and court offered are chosen randomly by a computerised selection process.

Payment for successful UK Ballot applicants

If you have been successful in the 2017 UK Public Ballot please click on the button below to pay for your tickets. You will require your PIN and Reference number in order to log in which can be found on your ticket offer letter.

Important: Please take note of your payment deadline and make sure that you pay in good time. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept late payments.

Returned and declined tickets are continually re-balloted; for each ballot we set a payment due date so that we can calculate how many tickets should be included in the next ballot which, typically, will be administered the day following the payment due date.

If you have any queries with regard to your payment due date, please phone the Ticket Office without delay +44 20 8971 2473.

The AELTC Public Ballot for 2017

UK and Wheelchair users

- The closing date for receipt of all completed ballot applications was 31 December 2016.

- Successful applicants will be notified from February 2017 onwards.

- Returned or declined tickets are continually re-balloted so, if you are unsuccessful in the main ballot, your application will be considered in subsequent, smaller ballots.

How to apply for the Public Ballot – UK and Wheelchair applicants


In order to apply for tickets for The Championships, you need to fill in a Public Ballot application form:

- To obtain an application form, send in a stamped, self-addressed envelope from 1 September 2016 to:

P.O. BOX 98,
SW19 5AE

- The forms will be available until 15 December 2016.

- Only one application is allowed per household. Do not ask for more the one form: we will void your applications.

- If you do not send a stamped, self-addressed envelope, you will not receive a form. No letter is required.

- There is a separate ballot for wheelchair spaces, so please make sure that you write ‘WHEELCHAIR’ clearly on both the outer and your return envelopes.

- The stamped, self-addressed envelope should have your return address and be DL size which is approximately 110mm x 220mm (4 ¼ “ x 8 5/8”).

- It will greatly assist us in processing your request if you send the correct size envelope (and self-sealed if possible, rather than gummed).

- Requests postmarked after 15 December 2016 will NOT be processed.

- We will not issue forms to personal callers after 15 December 2016.

You are advised to apply early to allow time for queries (in the event of non-receipt of your request, for example) and to avoid postal delays in December.


After we receive the stamped, self-addressed envelope, we will send you an application form. We will aim to turn your request within two weeks.


You will need to complete and return the application form by 31 December 2016 in order to be entered into the ballot.

Read and follow the instructions carefully before completing the form (see list of do’s and don’ts below)

- Completed forms must be returned to:

P.O. BOX 67611
SW19 9DT
and postmarked no later than 31 December 2016.

- No stamped, self-addressed envelope is required.

- Applications which are postmarked after 31 December 2016 will not be entered into the ballot.


There will be ballots taking place from February 2017 until the week before The Championships. If you are successful, you will be informed by post from February 2017 until June 2017.


Successful applicants will be able to pay for their tickets by credit/debit card through a secure website or by sending us a cheque.


Ticket despatch begins in the second week of May 2017, continuing into June 2017.

How to apply for the Public Ballot – Overseas applicants

Further information regarding the overseas online application process can be found here.

Ballot Do’s and Don’ts

We believe that every applicant should have an equal chance in the Public Ballot, which is why we have put together the following list of ‘do’s and don’ts’ on how to complete your application.

- Please submit only your own s.a.e and complete only one application form: do not apply on behalf of third parties.

- Do only submit one application per household. This means that a husband and wife, partners or families may NOT apply individually from the same address. Such applications will be invalid.-

- Do apply only from your permanent residential address where you are registered on the Electoral Roll. Don’t apply from a student/temporary address or your holiday home or your business address.

- For the UK and Wheelchair ballot applications, do use only BLACK ink and write in BLOCK CAPITALS. Using any other colour ink will void your form.

- Do fill in the form and agree to the conditions yourself. Don’t apply on behalf of a friend or relative or allow anyone to complete the form for you: you will invalidate the application. The application may be signed by someone other than the applicant provided that person has (and provides a copy with the application) a formal power of attorney.

- Do inform us in writing if you change your name or address after you have submitted your form. Don’t complete another application from your new address.

- Don’t ask for more than one form or attempt to apply more than once: we will void your applications.

- Don’t apply for tickets as a present or gift or to sell: you must use the tickets yourself.

- Don’t cross out, make amendments to your form or write any instructions or requests on the form. Any spoiled form will be void. (applicable to UK and Wheelchair forms only).

- It may be a criminal offence to use false particulars in applying for tickets.

- Anyone submitting multiple applications or more than one application per household may have any offer of tickets withdrawn.

- Tickets must not be sold, transferred or advertised for sale or transfer whether on the internet, in newspapers or elsewhere. Any tickets advertised for sale or transfer will be void.

- Subject to AELTC’s policies, anyone found to be in breach of these rules may not be eligible to apply for or receive tickets distributed under the Conditions of Sale

When we receive your completed form we will enter your details for tickets for Centre, No.1, No.2 or No.3 Court for The Championships 2017.

The AELTC cannot be held responsible for the non-receipt of your form and any inconvenience resulting from this. The Public Ballot is a lottery so there is no guarantee that your application will be successful.

Wheelchair Ballot

If you wish to enter the ballot for wheelchair spaces on Centre, No.1, No.2 and No.3 Courts, please ensure that you request a Wheelchair Ballot form by writing ‘WHEELCHAIR’ clearly on both the outer and your return envelopes.

Seats allocated via the main ballot cannot accommodate wheelchairs.

If you have entered the main ballot, but subsequently become a wheelchair user, please contact the Ticket Office without delay.

How to complete the Ballot Form

Applying for other Ballots

The LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) operate a series of ballots for Wimbledon tickets. To find out more, please visit the LTA website ballot pages.

Contact the Ticket Office

Please do not use the feedback form on the CONTACT page for ticket queries.

The Ticket Office is open for all ticketing queries, including the Public Ballot. Normal opening hours for the Ticket Office are Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm (excl. UK Bank Holidays):

Tel: 020 8971 2473 (UK); +44 20 8971 2473 (Overseas)

Fax: 020 8971 2528 (UK); +44 20 8971 2528 (Overseas)

If you are calling with an enquiry about the ballot for wheelchair spaces, please specify this when you call and you will be transferred to the relevant member of the Ticket Office team.

Please note: The Ticket Office is available for all ticket and ballot enquiries but is NOT a Box Office. We do not sell or reserve tickets over the phone.

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