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Order of Play: 26 June

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Tuesday 8 January 2013 21:16 PM GMT
Educating Stuff: New Year, new blog
Introducing 'Educating stuff,' a new blog from Wimbledon's Education Department... READ MORE

Introducing 'Educating stuff,' a new blog from Wimbledon's Education Department...

As long as you don’t live in SW19, think Wimbledon, think tennis. The trouble is that tennis players aren’t daft, so as I prepare once more for a damp, best of London dreary, winter day, the tennis pros are preparing to cover themselves in sun block and whack balls at each other in the blistering heat of Melbourne. So if tennis is not here, why bother to blog?

The simple truth is that whilst tennis holidays in the Australian sunshine, Wimbledon continues to work a pace, with no part of it more lively than here in the Education Department, the hidden gem of Wimbledon.

With this blog we intend to keep you up to date on the comings and goings of the Education Department, from Primary workshops through Secondary tours right up to Post Graduate musings, we wish to fill you in on some of the things we see and hear as we travel around the grounds of the AELTC. Students have such wonderfully active minds and a continued feature of these blogs will be the best things said about Wimbledon by students, though a student from the first group of 2013 may well have topped the list already with an inspired observation on the shape of the Ladies' Singles trophy.

On noting that the Gentlemen’s and Ladies' trophies where different, the Gents' being a cup and the Ladies' being a plate, the said student wondered aloud if the Ladies were given a plate because women like to cook and therefore might need something to serve the prepared food on.

Nothing has ever been written to the contrary, so who am I to disagree, after all silver hairbrushes have been awarded to lady champions in the past.

Essentially we want to have fun with this feature. We may not offer the best of tennis at Wimbledon or even the most exciting news on site, but our entries will certainly be the most random.

First up are predictions for the Australian Open singles competitions. Serena and Murray to win; there will be tears, but not necessarily from those two.

The beginning of a year means we are fast approaching the Education Department’s high season with no rest for staff from February through to June but unusually we are experiencing a quiet start to the year due to an enforced partial closure of the department as we get fitted for new, quite posh toilets. These will be available for use by all our visitors from February as we believe everyone needs a little luxury in their life.

So New Year, new bog perhaps, we’ll let you know.